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EuroCC2, the full name being the National Competence Centres in the framework of EuroHPC Phase 2, is another project supporting EuroHPC – a joint venture of 33 European countries and the European Commission (EuroHPC JU). The goal of this initiative is to enhance and equalise the level of advanced computing capabilities (High Performance Computing) for the needs of science, industry, and public administration in Europe. This is to be achieved through the development of the HPC ecosystem, which will include, on the one hand, an exascale computing infrastructure and, on the other hand, a support system for specialised knowledge, skills, and experience.

The objective of the EuroCC2 project is to further develop the activities of National Competence Centres in HPC in each of the participating countries. These centres will consolidate the potential of all supercomputer centers in a given country and facilitate the provision of their services to users from universities, scientific institutions, the industrial sector, and public administration. A key aspect of the project is also the transfer of knowledge regarding the use of supercomputers, increasing collaboration, exchanging best practices and knowledge at the European level, and accelerating the improvement of national, and consequently European, HPC service capabilities.

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