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The National Competence Centre in HPC supports scientific research

Are you conducting scientific research? Running experiments? Do you need massive computing power, specialised scientific software, and data storage space? Reach out to the National Competence Centre in HPC and find out how you can leverage the Polish and European network of computer clusters. We provide access to HPC (High Performance Computing) resources, ready-to-use execution environments and applications, teleinformatics infrastructure, and expert support at every stage of the process, starting from training on the use of HPC systems and software, to planning and launching computations.


Check the offer for the SME sector

Advanced computations are primarily associated with scientific research. However, access to extremely high computing power is an opportunity for companies, including small and medium companies, to develop, implement innovative solutions, streamline production processes, and improve product quality. Through collaboration with the The National Competence Centre in HPC, your company can leverage supercomputers in Poland and Europe without enormous financial investments. Contact the The National Competence Centre in HPC and inquire about access to infrastructure, consultations with experts, and training for your employees.


Secure storage, retention, and processing of large datasets

Public administration increasingly relies on digital documentation year-to-year. In doing so, it generates and accumulates vast amounts of data. Many of these are personal data, including sensitive information, that require the highest level of security. HPC systems allow proper storage, ensuring the highest level of digital security, rapid analysis, and efficient processing of these data. Therefore, they are helpful in optimizing procedures and processes essential for the functioning of the state. This is particularly crucial in situations that require rapid decision making and action, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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